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Frank Muller

I would say that Jordan’s primary sources of motivation were all intrinsic. Surely there were other (extrinsic) factors that also played a big role, but I think to be as successful and dominant as he was you must have an extremely strong intrinsic motivation. I would say that he was a mixture between personality type 3 and maybe a little bit of type 4. Type 3 obvisiouly because he loved his sport and he wanted to be the best in it. He needed to achieve that for himself. But one the other hand I would say that he hated losing to such a high degree that (maybe) he was also a little afraid of it. In his case it maybe was more hate of failure and not as much fear. But anyway he showed some of the characteristics that are typical for type 4, e.g. enjoying competitive situations and takes personal responsibility for outcomes. He was also known as one of the best/worst trash talkers in the history of basketball (poor sportmanship?). Maybe his failures in basketball didn’t cause self-doubt and lower self-esteem, but I am not so sure if the same can be said about his baseball failures.