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Tour de France is a very exhausting game that requires motivation (lots of it), an exceptional mental toughness. In this field, anything can go wrong, a cyclist can be dehydrated, very much fatigued, so they be self-confident to face the challenges and in knowing what to do in the different situations. In the video, my opinion is that the cyclist may have lost a little bit of self confidence but their faith to their talent can never be broke. maybe except for those who got badly injured. it may really be the end of the season. another example is the 200 meter freestyle of Michael Phelps in the 2008 Beijing Olympics where he smashed Mark Spitz’s record of 7-gold medals in one Olympics and made history having 8 gold medals. in the 200 meter freestyle event, his goggles were filled with water but then he was very confident with his training and depended on his stroke counts (part of training). He still managed to broke the Olympic record but it was very obvious that he was disappointed because it was one of his favorite events and he knew that he could have done better.