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It is great to read others experiences with yoga.

I have only tried two different sorts of yoga that were very different experiences. My knowledge and understanding is very limited. However, the experiences have wanted me to learn more and incorporate yoga regularly in future. Classes were for approx. 1.5 – 2 hours duration. The first was hot yoga and the movements/postures were very fluid moving the majority of the time. The second series (6 x) was specific to back and neck care which was slow, holding poses and focused more on the breathing. My preference was for the slower yoga as it has resolved my back and neck problems, also I think I learnt more because of the pace, as well as the ability to focus of which movements and poses gave me relief. In future, I would like to use yoga to prevent injury, increase my strength and balance for sport. This experience will also be helpful when talking to others about yoga.

Thanks Jason for the recommendations.

The mindfulness summit maybe of interest to some of you. It is a month of talks on mindfulness and covers a wide range of topics.