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M N Viswanath

*Iam Vishwanath from Bangalore- India.
*I have signed up for this course for updating and evaluating my knowledge of sport psychology.And I hope to receive the course completion certificate towards the end- this certificate would give me bigger confidence to attend to my clients using the many improvised intervention and assessment techniques designed to serve them better.
*My favourite games are cricket, tennis, Badminton and Table tennis.
*I played cricket in my younger days. But now I am a practising sport psychology coach and a counsellor.
*I hoping to learn a lot of the latest practical tools and applications of sport psychology which will enable me to assist my clients in a more effective way to help them enhance their performance.
* I have passed a basic degree in general psychology and a certification as a sport psychology coach. I am a certified counsellor.My experience of sport psychology started from my early years of sport participation and through the experience I gained in promoting my son who is a table tennis player, at the national level.