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I have not coached or used token rewards before.
The features that stand out to me about token rewards and why I would use them in future are (1) valued by athletes and their peers (2) everyone has a chance of getting a token reward (3) effort or performance relative to ability is the basis of rewards rather than best performer.
The SCORE framework is helpful guiding the development of TR system. I would try the following:
Get the coach and athlete (s)/team to get together to create a token rewards (TR) profile:
[1] What they want to be measured to get a TR
• Technical (i.e. knowledge & skills)
• Tactical (i.e. knowledge & skills)
• Physiological / Physical (i.e. bodily awareness)
• Psychological (i.e. behaviours, thoughts, emotions)
[2] How the effort and performance it is to be measured?
• The effort and performance can be evaluated by all members, but weighted on the coach’s evaluation. For example, observed/questioned by coach (e.g. 55%), observed/questioned by group/team members (e.g 30%), athletes self-reflection (also checking their own self-awareness) (e.g. 15%)
[3] Collectively identify meaningful rewards to ensure they are actually motivating (e.g. praise or recognition, food, clothing, deciding on fun activities the team can do, certificate or trophy for most supportive team member, self-awareness, self-reflection)
[4] Determine the frequency TR’s are given (e.g. associated to an event, randomly done to prevent effort based on the expectation of a reward) and type of TR given.
[5] Chart the above TR profile and put it up somewhere to use it as a visual cue to help them focus on their mind-set before they practice or play. They can also each take home the same visual cue chart to put up.
[6] Review (e.g. monthly) of the profile and discuss learning points from having TR’s.
I think there are several functions or benefits of token rewards.
• Positive reinforcement for motivation (effort and performance) at all stages rather than focusing on performance at the top
• If they (group of athletes/team) work together to develop the profile used for the token rewards they can get an understanding of each other’s perspective of what they think is relevant and want to be recognised
• Vicarious learning – seeing others get rewards for values, skills, characteristics and qualities that are essential for success “winning approach VS just being the winner”
• Developing the ‘value’ around “being supportive of each other’s growth and development