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My thought is that Jordan motivation is a combination of intrinsic and extrinsic motivation but he is largely influenced by intrinsic as he has stated in the video, “I Played the sport because I loved it.” He was not in the game for success.

His personal values are what encases his motivation due to his love for the sport. The thrill of competition is the drive to win at all costs and the willingness to work hard. The persistence to keep going through the hard times and importantly the ability to enjoy the successes when they happen.

Jordan was a different kind player, he did what he had to do because of his desire of being better and he took the game of basketball to another new stage. His personal values includes, to be successful, hard work, leadership, and never give up at all times.

Jordan stated that “you can’t avoid bad things to succeed” which is one of the reason, I think Jordan as a Type 3 person. It kind of reflects his own personality as he does not let failure adversely affect him.