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Ong Chuan Leong

While I have never done yoga personally, I have practised the relaxation exercises taught in the Allow Abundance course. These exercises teach you how to release negative energy from and allow positive energy to enter your body. One of the techniques taught is described below.

First, you would find a comfortable place to lie down. Next, you close your eyes and imagine how negative energy, visualised in a physical form such as a black aura, is released from your body sequentially from head to toe. As you are doing this, you feel the pain and agony leaving your body. All the negative energy would then congregate into a ‘balloon’ and float further and further away from you, into the atmosphere.

Thereafter, positive energy, once again in visualised form (e.g. white aura), is ‘allowed’ to enter your body sequentially from head to toe. When doing this, imagine feeling a loving, warm energy permeate your entire body, soothing whatever remaining pain that you have. Allow yourself to bask in this positive energy. Finally, you open your eyes and comes back into reality.