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Ana Delchevska

I practice yoga for 5 years. Currently I am enrolled in a teacher training process and help as a demonstrator.
I am looking forward to an opportunity to include yoga into athletes schedule.
The main advantage of yoga is its ‘adjustability’. Yoga postures can be beneficial for everyone depending on their needs. Yoga breathing techniques (pranayama) raise awareness of the breath and the spin off is deep relaxation. Yogic concentration (darana) can be very helpful for athletes to stay focused and devoted. I could go on, but another time maybe. 🙂

From my personal experience, I can state that yoga has the power to transform. It gives you methods or rather ‘instruments’ to explore and understand yourself. Although it starts with the body, it reaches the personality and the base of our self.

Referring to the sport setting, I’d quote Yogananda:
‘The season of failure is the best time for sowing the seeds of success.’