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Michael Jordon’s primary source appears to be intrinsic – he said he played basketball because “he loves to play the game” and he didn’t chase success, instead it came as a consequence of his love of playing. I suspect over time that his fame became a secondary extrinsic motivator.

I think his personal values included:
To use his competitive drive to motivate and guide him in life. He seems humble and optimistic with his approach to sport and life. He talked about how he takes all experiences (good or bad) and makes them positive “a good enough man to accept the good, but a better man to accept the bad”.
To learn from his experiences and control how it influences his perception and actions. I think he demonstrates this by not letting the experience of being cut from his high school team define him. He was driven to move forward and not be held back by others opinion.

I think Michael Jordon is Type 3, being high on the need for achievement and low on fear of failure.