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Kok Kiat Xuan

Hello everyone,

I am Kiat Xuan from Singapore. I signed up for this course to gain more insight and knowledge about sport psychology. I had prior knowledge of sports psychology briefly in the basic sports science course that I took a few years back and found it interesting about how it affects performance. I am really glad that there is this online course which let me gain more in depth on this particular area. My favorite sport is swimming and I am involved both an athlete as well as a coach. Through both roles, I found that this area is one of the important aspect that is likely to be left out when an athlete goes for a competition. I do not really have much of an experience in sport psychology but did tried a few methods on my self as well as my athlete with different outcome that is some athlete worked really well and gain better result and some did not really came out well. Thus, I would like to know more through this course on how can it be enhance or why it did not work well. Hopefully, I can have more knowledge and better assist my athletes to a greater new heights.