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Ong Chuan Leong

My observations and thoughts:

At the beginning of his basketball career, he played basketball mostly out of his love for the game and the things he could learn from the sport, both good and bad. As he had said in the video, “he never expected to be so successful”. He started with mostly intrinsic motivation.

However, as years go by, he gradually became a better and better player, and more prominent. Winning matches and trophies and acquiring fame first became a possibility, then a reality. From this point forward, the percentage of extrinsic motivation increased, while being supported by his continued love for the game.

Looking back at his career, I would say that his motivation was borne intrinsically, with the extrinsic aspect growing stronger over time. His likely motivational combination would be high in Need for Achievement (NA) and low in Fear of Failure (FF), as observed from his highly consistent performances and achievements throughout his professional basketball career.