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Like many responded, I also think most of the Michael Jordan of motivation comes internally from him, that is, predominantly intrinsic. Most likely more early in his career, he must have had extrinsic motivations as well. The greatest value of him was to be very competitive not with others competitors but with himself. He sought to overcome his limits. If he had six titles he wanted the seventh. This was built from his first title. He was very self-sufficient, so he thought he could win the NBA title alone. When he saw that it would be impossible in a team sport, he was not afraid to make a mistake or change their perceptions to pursue his main target. When he reached as much as basketball could give he attempted to switch of sport to baseball as a challenge himself, showing that his love for basketball was a limit as well. Prior to this he had love for success, and he loved to be at risk of failure. I do not see Michael Jordan in any relation to the fear of failure. Another intrinsic aspect that appears it is their determination to achieve their goals, improving their focus up to the simple presence of opponents would be more of an incentive than an obstacle. I believe that the internal values of Michael Jordan that were part of his intrinsic motivation were consolidated by his coaches still in high school and this must be taken into account as well. On the question of some colleagues as Leopoldoferrer about psychological technic to help an athlete with the aim of turn from extrinsic motivational style to intrinsic motivation and what do if I want to help an athlete to Develop her intrinsic motivation, I fully agree with what our teacher Dr. Peter Terry said. I would add that although I feel that the intrinsic motivation should be worked out in the long run, that is, in the learning phase, and the techniques can vary depending on the behavior you want to change in the elite athlete. For example, and like Michael Jordan, if we have an athlete who has a disciplined and determined behavior , to establish smaller and not so distant Athlete reach goals, you can become a habit and this increase their intrinsic motivation. Important to emphasize the need for measurement of this reach.


Wagner Rohlfs