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Hi Neil
I am Ebrahim Moteshareie, PhD candidate of motor behavior with concentration in sport psychology in Shahid Beheshti university, IRAN
I am very glad for participating in this course. from years ago, I have known professor peter terry form his work on mood state and one I have read most of his works in this area.I think this course will help everyone that interested in sport psychology both as practitioner and researcher.
I have been playing badminton since 20 years ago and I have been coaching from 6 years ago in badminton.
also i have been working in sport psychology as researcher and practitioner since 8 years ago and published some peer reviewed articles in Iranian academic journals.
I hope that this course will be more practical to theoretical and professor terry give us some real and practical example of doing psychological consulting and intervention that has done with athletes in his past experiences.
sincerely yours