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Welcome to Elite Sport Performance: Psychological Perspectives

Neil MartinThank you for evaluating an early version of Elite Sport Performance: Psychological Perspectives. My name is Neil Martin and I am Professor Peter Terry’s PhD student. Together we are developing an open online course about the psychology of elite sport that will be free and open to the world.

The aims of the course is to give a basic understanding of some of the psychological factors involved in elite sport, and the psychological techniques and strategies that can help to optimise and athletes performance. At the end of the course, learners will have an opportunity to create a mental training programme based around fictional elite athletes and specific their problems (called personas). The course is aimed at coaches, athletes, and people who love sport and are interested in the psychological aspects that are so important in determining performance.

You have all been manually enrolled on the course and as experts, asked evaluate some of the content of the course in terms of the quality of content, its applicability to a general audience who may not have much prior knowledge, and the accessibility and clarity of the content and adjacent learning activities. I’m also interested in your views on the personas – are they believable, and does the activity make sense?

Please remember that the course is still a work in progress and not all content is uploaded yet.

The information below will guide you through the evaluation process, and of course, Peter will be on hand to help.

Login Instructions

1) Each of you has been registered the course and have an individual username and password to login

2) Click on the button below to go to the login screen

Assuming you are not logged in, a login box is on the right hand side of the page and it is here that you add your credentials. Peter has your username and password

Evaluation of course content

Peter will instruct you on which sections you are too evaluate, but below are the links to the course materials for each section. I would like you to post your thoughts about the materials in the discussion forum. A link is also given below



Mood and emotion





Evaluation of personas

Personas are representations of real people that are often used in the marketing and design industries. In this course, we are using them to represent athletes with specific psychological issues that are affecting performance. Course participants are asked to download and read the persona and problem scenario, and based on what they have learned on the course, write a short mental training program. The personas can be downloaded below, and a link to a discussion topic where you can post your feedback is also presented. Again, please respond to the instructions at the top of the discussion forum.

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